Welcome you to shivanjali dance academy, an institute devoted to dance. Here you will learn and perform various types of dance forms.
The major dance form at shivanjali the school of Bharatnatyam is the Indian classical dance form “Bharatnatyam”.
Besides the classical style, we also choreographed and performed semi-classical, Indian folk, Bollywood,
salsa, contemporary dance style especially on occasion of events, competition or any annual days,
corporate seminars & summits.

Anuja tai have started this academy in 2009 at Pune, after receiving her masters (MA) degree in
Bharatnatyam from the prestigious University of Pune. Since then we all are moving this journey
towards success together, as a shivanajali family.

She has been learning Bharatnatyam since the age of four and was blessed with guidance
from guru vidya tai Gokhale in kalashetra style about a decade i.e 10 years consecutively.
During these years of association with dance, she has performed in many cultural dancing
events, programs across India and won enormous dance competitions one after the other.
The journey began from a very early age at five. She hit the stage performance with full
of energy and great confident as a versatile dancer which is god gift to her.She has been
part of various cultural activities since the year 2012 and was chief performer and
choreographer at miracles media and Pvt ltd in Pune and Mumbai.

Recently, she was being called as the judge for the “natubaag Mitra manual” on occasion
of Ganesh festival in the year 2014 with great respect, pride & dignity.She believes that
dance is not only the medium of total enjoyment or expressing oneself but also it enriches
the personality and overall mental, physical and psychological improvement of the students.
It helps them to develop various social skills including graceful movements, stage courage,

 self-confidence, public speaking as well as social networking skills.
It best string to attached, to connect our own motherland and to relate classical Indian culture.
Shivanjali dance academy has taken this, as a mission to imbibe the Indian classical cultural
and its route to this new breed. At shivanjal, we inculcate this skill set into their nervous
system and this all can be seen in our champs either they are participating in the competition,
events, or any other stage performance such as our annual days where all the initiatives took
from our students themselves and their enthusiastic supportive parents.
This opportunity gives them abundant experience in managing events. Which indirectly answers their all queoris such
, how to create own choreography? Which dance style to perform?
Which consume and drapery to wear? How should be light effects on stage? How to built repo
with the musician while performing classical dance forms? How music editing is done?
This all will relates to
shivanajali’s mission and vision statement, as we believe more
of in action as per our commitments.

Our vision is to propagating unique indian culture and innovative creative values worldwide by participating & performing international events & competitions.

Our mission to build international candidature in our artist by cultivating expression, music, rhythm, posture & imbibing indian culture & innovative creative values to our students.


Academy excel & expand at list three batches in Pune.
we choreographed dance preparation for inter-school competition & inter-collage competition.
We do choreography for corporate shows onthe occasion ofthe annual day, get together, seminars, product launch, & other special events.
We have hands on experience in cultural events (festival) like Ganesh festival, Navratri dandiya, shaniwarwada Mahotsav.

As anuja tai is believes in any body can dance and age gender is not the criteria eager to learn hard work passion for dance young at heart is enough for becoming shivanjli,s part